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Original Medicare:

This health insurance program is run by the Federal Government. It provides you with your Part A and Part B coverage. 

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans:

Since Original Medicare does not include drug coverage you can add a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. If your current employer group or union provides you with prescription drug coverage and they have issued a statement indicating that it is "creditable coverage" meaning equivalent to the standard Medicare Drug Plan, then you do not need to purchase an additional Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.

Medicare Supplements:

These policies also known as Medigap policies are run by private insurance companies and they help to fill the gaps in Part A and Part coverage that would normally be your responsibility. These include co-insurance, copayments, and deductibles. Medigap policies have been standardized and are identified by letters A-L. Each policy must offer the same basic benefits, no matter which insurance company sells it. Click here for a breakdown of the various types of Medigap Plans and what they cover.

Medicare Advantage Plans (like HMO or PPO plans)

These plans are run by private insurance companies that are approved by Medicare. They provide you with your Part A and Part B coverage, but can charge different amounts such as a co-pay for certain services. They may include extra coverage or value-added services and often include prescription drug coverage. Costs for items and services are different depending on the plan that you choose. Since drug coverage is often included in the plan policy, you would not need a separate Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. In addition, you would not need a Medicare Supplement Plan if you chose to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan.

If you are looking for Medicare coverage with little or no monthly premium, please contact us, or have us give you a call, to speak to a representative about Medicare Advantage Plans in your area.

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